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Code Description # of toys
SAND WATER Sand and/or Water Play 12
LITERACY Designed to improve literacy in children 17
Storage Crate & Lid STORAGE 39
Storage Accessory Bag STORAGE 129
SPACE Space related toys and activities 12
DINOSAUR Dinosaur related toys and activities 20
NUMERACY Designed to improve numeracy in children 33
MONTESSORI / STEINER Montessori or Steiner inspired 23
Batteries 2 x A76 BATTERIES 1
Batteries 2 x AA BATTERIES 17
Batteries 3 AAA, 4 C BATTERIES 1
Batteries 3 x AA BATTERIES 18
Batteries 3 x AAA BATTERIES 3
Batteries 3 x D BATTERIES 1
Batteries 3 x C BATTERIES 3
Batteries 3 x LR44 BATTERIES 1
Batteries 4 x AA BATTERIES 2
Batteries 6 x AAA BATTERIES 1
SMALL WORLD PLAY Play scene with a theme 4
Stored in Shed Items to be stored in the shed 30
AUSTRALIANA Australian related toy or activity 15
WOOD Toys that are primarily wooden 158
MULTICULTURAL Multicultural toy or component 26
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics 64
INDOOR USE ONLY DO NOT get wet or sandy 10
Batteries Not Working BATTERIES 7
SENSORY Toys that provide a sensory experience 18
Batteries x AAA BATTERIES 5
Batteries YES BATTERIES 39
ANIMALS Animal/Insect/Reptile related toys and activities 40